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Spring 2023
Papio Returns!
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Sponsorship Applications
Got a Kinetic Sculpture Float idea that would have made Stanley Papio proud?  Apply for a sponsorship to help move your vision forward!
Key West Art & Historical Society, stewards to Stanley’s collection of sculptures on display at Fort East Martello Museum, is offering over $7,000 in support to artists and schools participating in this year’s Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade. 
We have ten $500 sponsorships for artists & five $400 scholarships for schools, so power up your best kinetics & bust out your creative savvy.  Recycling is highly encouraged, wit and humor loudly applauded. Welding, wheels, gears, wire, or glue? —it’s entirely up to you.  The only requirement is that your float is physically moved by you (and/or a teammate(s)).
Don’t let this opportunity roll by, sponsorships are limited & not guaranteed to everyone.   Get your gears in motion & apply now. 
Sponsored in part by KWAHS, Historic Tours of America and Margaritaville Resort and Marina.