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April 3-5, 2020
Parade Day is April 4th!
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Production & Artists

2017 Artists (10) 

Stephen King $500

The Tempest - Kinetic Sculpture
(305) 923-7172
[email protected]
1200 4th Street
​Apt. 567 
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: Fabric, wood, air Captain/Crew: 1/1 Dimensions: 24' x 6'

Joy Nulisch  $500 

​Tiger Bike: Kinetic Sculpture - Grand Marshall 
3075 Flagler Ave. #26
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 849-0614
[email protected]

Cody White, Ryan Saca & Alex Holst $500 

Audible Mobilé
(305) 395-9494   [email protected]
1112 Margaret St. RearKey West, FL 33040
​Materials: recycled bikes & parts, assorted scrap metal pieces,
paper mache, paints - Captain/Crew: 2/2

Jeremy Hackworth $500

Sailing to the Land of the Wild Things
(305) 923-1446
326 William Street
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: recycled lumber

Gabe Price & Alison Higgins $500 

Spring Cleaning - Kinetic Sculpture
(305) 298-9885
[email protected]
2933 Seidenberg Avenue
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: ​All curb alerts: Rainbarrel, porch umbrella, sheet metal from 8 grills,  Used/Donated: Bubble wrap, plastic bottles, egg cartons, sandwich domes.

Melissa & Neal  $500 

Kinetic Sculpture
Melissa Jean McDaniel (305) 360-0921
Neal Ruchman (305) 923-1616
1001 Southard Street  Key West, FL 33040
Materials: wood, metal, fabric  Captain/Crew: 2/2  Dimensions: 7' x 7'

Susann D’Antonio  $500 

Ben HER - Kinetic Sculpture
305/304-6005 [email protected]
30262 Poinciana Rd. 
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
Materials: steel, fabric, palm fronds Captain/Crew: 2
Dimensions: 8' x 12' approx. 

Suzanne Brown  $500 

The Craving of Rewards - Kinetic Sculpture
Sponsored by: Banana Cafe & The Cafe 
[email protected]
1200 Fourth Street #183
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: metal tubing, bike, chain, cement, foliage, buckets, and fur and found objects
Dimensions: 8' x 9' x 7' Captain/Crew: 1/6

Elle Fernandez  $500 

Kinetic Sculpture - Pescado
732 Love Ln.
Key West, FL 33040
[email protected]
1 captain, 3 crew
H-8'   L-8'   W-4'
Materials: PVC, chicken wire, plywood, tires, paint, recycles materials 

DJ Dave Johnson  $500 

The Peace Train - Kinetic Sculpture
305/240-0446 [email protected] 
1406 Petronia Street
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: Bike parts, wood, PVC, fabric
Dimensions: ​approximately 12-14' long x 6-7' high x 4' wide
Tentative Parade Line Up
Drum Line, Banner, Grand Marshall Tiger
10-14 Larger Kinetic Floats 
Bria Walking crew
5 Schools 
Art Bikes 
Tag Alongs 
Theatrical Performers + Production (14) 
Cheeky - Mad Scientist with Liz Love
Emyl - Dancing Mad Man
Morgan - 
Liz Love - Mad Scientist 
Adel + Husband - Funny Police 
Lucy Barker + 6 - Banner Holders, top hats and funny glasses 
Marky - Flamingo Man + MC
Pony Chavreut - Sound Trike Mobile 
Steven Humprey - Go Pro + Trike + Costume 

2017 Parade Line Up Map  

beach party map

2017 judges

  • ​Adam Russell & Kelly Lever - Artists & Key West Pottery Founders 
  • Frank Conlan - Kinetic Sculpture Race Expert 
  • Michael Shields - Public Arts Advocate
  • Sharon Wells - Artist, Historian, and Papio Collection Restoration Lead
  • Cindy Wynn - Sculptor & Furniture Maker
  • Liz Young - Executive Director of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts

2017 Production team

Marky Pierson

Morgan Fraga

(305) 619-2275

Shawn Cowles

(305) 923-3337
(305) 393-9619

Liz Love 

(479) 200 4689

Volunteer T-shirt

confirmed 2017 art bikes  (7) 

Virgina Wark

You Decide the Ride: Art Bike
[email protected]
1705 United St
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: wood for frame work, dumpster treasures, silver paint, mostly junk and a hot glue gun

John Tishok

King Louis the Dolphin: Art Bike
[email protected]
702 Catherine Street
Key West, FL 33040
​Materials: Plaster of Paris, recycled plastic and bubble wrap, misc recycled materials, garbage found on the beach.

Paula Tishok

Henry the Hammerhead: Art Bike
[email protected]
702 Catherine Street
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: ​Paper mache, recycled plastic and bubble wrap, other recycled materials, garbage found on the beach

Dennis Beaver

Tennessee Williams; Global Icon: Art Bike
[email protected]
1207 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL 33040
Materials: ​Recycled bike from Zombie Bike Ride; recycled lumber from Fantasy Fest float; recycled poles and flags from Christmas parade; recycled posters from the Tennessee Williams Exhibit.

Rodney Kerridge

[email protected]
3655 Seaside Dr. Unit 422
Key West, FL 33040
Wait For Me: Art Bike
A paper mache sculpture creation by Rod Kerridge, Gail Rose and Marilyn Sugarman.
Oh what fun we had creating this piece!  We created plaster of Paris molds of Gail's arms and torso; and of  Rod's legs.  Cutting the molds off of our bodies was a bit dicey, and after a couple of nicks we were free.  The head is a free form creation as no one was willing to entomb their head in plaster of Paris bandages! .  Ultimately the finished piece was created using paper mache and the plaster molds.
Since I was in last years parade I am re-cycling my bicycle down Duval this year!

Martin Sykut

Tennis Bike
[email protected]
58704 Overseas Hwy
Marathon, FL 33050
(305) 731-1151
Materials: trike, plywood, aluminum, steel, welder, imagination

Rachel + Jeff Small 

2017 Schools

​Horace O'Bryant

Group 1 Art Class, 6-8th grade
Contact: Ashlie Hood and Katie Holtkamp. 
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kinetic Coach: Susan Brown
Group 2 STEM Class, 8th grade
Contact: Cynthia Haupt.
[email protected]
Kinetic Coach: TBD- maybe none

​Key West Montessori Charter School

​Lynn Barras Wk (305) 293-1400 ext 53430
​Contact:Lynn Barris
[email protected]
Kinetic Coach: Steve Linden

​Key West Collegiate Academy

Contact: Tom Rompella
[email protected]
Kinetic Coach: Steve Linden

The Basilica School of Saint Mary Star of the Sea School

5th grade class
Danielle Gould. 
[email protected] 
305 304 4062
Kinetic Coach: Susan Brown

Sigsbee Charter School

Kinetic Coaches

Contact: Heather Hazzard
[email protected]
Kinetic Coach: NA
Steve Linden: [email protected]
305 504 4998
Susan Brown: 
305 360 3013

Production notes (UPDATED: 2/24/2017)

Design Notes

Deadline for Kinetic Sculpture Floats: May 1          
Registration: $25
Deadline for Art Bikes: May 6      
Registration fee: $15
*Free registration for KWAHS members
*All registered floats and art bikes require parade numbers, specifically for judging purposes. Participants that are not registered are not eligible for awards. All registered participants will wear a wristband

Friday, May 5

6:00PM-7:00PM - DSS on Stanley Papio and kinetic art (tentative speaker: Arthur Ganson) (Adele Williams)
7:00PM-8:00PM - Porch reception - Notes: band, music, bar, etc. (Shawn Cowles)

Saturday, May 6
– Parade line up, starting between Margaritaville and the Custom House, procession will extend down to waterfront (Wonderdog Productions/Shawn Cowles)
*water, beverages, snacks, bar, etc.
12:00PM-1:00PM - Parade - same route as last year
1:00PM-4:00PM – Beach party at SOMO - Notes: stage, sound, band, awards ceremony, bar and food (Wonderdog Productions/Shawn Cowles)
*ensure bar is visible/have multiple, tent area for shade, floats and bikes will take over Duval in front of the restaurant/beach

Sunday, May 7:
11:30AM-3:30PM -  Papio Picnic & Kinetic Kids Day - Notes: waterslide, Imagination Playground, face painting, Irie Eats & Papa’s Pilar, band, music; in the courtyard (Adele Williams & Shawn Cowles)
12:00PM Papio Exhibit Tour (Cori Convertito or Adele Williams)
*Free admission to the museum all day

Tentative Awards and Prize Amounts:
KWAHS Golden Papio Award $1,000 - Best overall kinetic sculpture float that includes consideration of kinetic motion, design, creativity, recycling, costumes, theatrical appeal, and crowd appeal
1 Runner-Up/Honorable Mention (Bottle of Pilar or Gift Certificate)
Green Machine Award $250 - Best overall kinetic sculpture float with the most recycled materials and environmental message. $250
1 Runner-Up/Honorable Mention (Bottle of Pilar or Gift Certificate) 
Out of This Weld! Award $250 – Best overall kinetic sculpture float with the most intricate welding design
Pedal Pusher Award $100 - Best overall art bike that displays creativity, design, recycling, crowd appeal
1 Runner-Up/Honorable Mention (Bottle of Pilar or Gift Certificate)
The Barefoot Stanley (or Kinetic Kids) Award $500- Best School Award
*All schools should receive receive something for participating

Call out to artists and schools:
Two artists for four schools
Artist commitment to each school: 1 Hour Brainstorming Session
and two three-hour workshops

Judging (TBD):
- All floats and bikes must be numbered
- Criteria/metrics must be established for each award category
- Judges still need to be selected

Administration: Michael F. Gieda (KWAHS Executive Director)
Production: Wonderdog Productions, Shawn Cowles (KWAHS Operations Manager) - Exact break down of duties is required
Artistic Direction: Wonderdog Productions/KWAHS Administration
Educational Outreach/DSS/Kinetic Kids Day: Adele Williams (KWAHS Director of Education)
- Wonderdog Productions:, social media
- Carol & Cricket: written releases, Papio & KWAHS Facebook page (Cricket), liaison with media outlets
- Notes: All social media posts are to be posted on the event page first and then to be shared individually. All branding/releases/posts for the event must include the Key West Art & Historical Society. This does not apply the event logo.All major releases must be approved by KWAHS Administration before distribution

Grants & Papios Pals:  
State of Florida/Monroe County TDC: KWAHS has a General Operating grant with the State of Florida and a Destination Grant with the TDC.  ALL materials must include the following language:
The project is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of the Arts and Culture and the State of Florida. Additional support provided by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

Papio’s Pals:
Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marine
Historic Tours of America


Wrap Up

​We created: Video (60) 
9 new team videos + photos Reworked 9 old videos with text for Cricket and co. Created 2 final video promos (today ) of parade itself 2 Fake News Promos 1 Animated Logo Graphic 
We created: Design (60) 
New Date flyer + banner (zombie time) New Large Banners New Vertical Banners New food, bathroom, workshop, signs and banners 
New Razor Flags 
2 Revised Maps + 1 new 
1 New poster 
2 New Beach Party Posters - Band 
New Beach Party, Friday Happy Hour, Pit Party Promo for social 
New Social Headers and profile images
Revised the Volunteer T-Shirt
Float Numbers laminated
Papio Fun Police Tickets  

Production: (50) 
Judging forms & system/meetings 
Line up & numbering of floats
Kids Workshop on the Porch 
Map Layout with Shawn
Announcing & Coordination 
Gathering Ambassadors and encouraging them to build 
Creating the Grand Marshall Tiger with Joy & Co. 
Noise and Sound Makers + flags and decorative elements 
Team of 4- fun people + banner holders 
Team of 6 people + 2 fun police 
1 Sound Trike, 2 day of coordinators, 
4 costumed actors to be in parade area for photos
Truck Rental + A- frame signs 
Coordinating with South Beach - planning 
Coordinating with Band + contract with Shawn 

Website & Social (35) 
Web updates with images, press releases, and info yearly 
Social Posts on 3 accounts 2 months 

Photo: (8) 
Team Photos and Stop Motion Parade Day photography,
Culling + Editing 
Razor Flag
24 x 48 Art Bike Starts Here
96 x 18 to Print 192 x 36
24 x 48 Kinetic Sculptures Starts Here
120 x 18 Parade Banner 

back has date - front redesign?

kick off party
beach party & award ceremony

Social Media:
horizontal Promo
FB Header
Square Promo

Mile Zero 300x250
Mile Zero 300x600
Mile Zero 728x90

Kinetic Map
T Shirts

Info/Timeline Email 

​Hello Kinetic Artists, Volunteers, Production Crew & Official Kinetic Judges! 
The Big Parade is coming up this Saturday! We're so excited to see your Kinetic Sculptures & Art Bikes.A little info to help make The Weekend run smoothly:

PRE-PARADE CINCO DE MAYO PARTY: Join us for a party on the steps of the Custom House this Friday 5:30 - 8:00 PM. Kinetic crew will be on site with info about the parade & to pre-register anyone needing to sign up. T-shirts will be available for purchase. Pedal your own Margarita with an awesome blender bike! 

ARRIVAL TIME: For all Kinetic Sculpture Artists AND Art Bike Participants please arrive NO LATER than 10:30 AM. You can begin arriving as early as 9 AM. The Pit (or Staging Area) will be open to the public at 10:00 AM. 

ENTRY NUMBERS: This year we will have Entry #'s for both Art Bikes and Kinetic Sculpture Floats - so you will need to check in with one of the production crew, volunteers to make sure you have an official number. Numbers will be 8.5" x 11" laminated and zip tied to your entry. (These are what the judges will be using to identify the winners of the different prize categories.)

BREAKFAST: There will be a breakfast tent available with light breakfast items for participating artists, production crew, volunteers & judges located on the porch of the Custom House. 

MUSIC?! Kinetic Sculpture Float Artists Only! If you have a special song you'd like playing while you pass by the judges station, please send us the name & artist ASAP so we can have that ready. 

VIDEOS: If you haven't seen your Team/Artist promo video yet, the links are below. Feel free to share on any social media platforms you frequent! 

ROUTE: Please see the 3 maps attached for a visual aide as to the route, the pre-parade line up outline, and the layout of the after party & beach concert at Southernmost Beach Cafe (1405 Duval St.) Any parade participants will be lined up alongside the Custom House & behind Margaritaville Resort - once the parade begins (12:00 PM SHARP!) the route will take you down Front Street, in front of the Custom House, turning right onto Duval Street, following all the way to the end of the road at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. 

JUDGES: Please plan to begin your judging of Kinetic Sculptures & Art Bikes no later than 11:00 AM ! You will be provided a handout with criteria for the various prize categories and have 45 minutes to walk through the staging area to view the Kinetic Sculptures & Art Bikes up close. Judges will be asked to take their seats in the VIP seating area promptly at 11:45 AM . 

AWARDS/AFTER PARTY/BEACH CONCERTS: A FREE Beach Concert will be held immediately following the parade featuring The Legendary JC's - at roughly 1:30 PM, once all participants have made it to the end of the route and scores have been tallied, the awards ceremony will begin. A list of awards is below for your reference. 

RELAY FOR LIFE: May 6th is also Relay For Life at Bayview Park. The coordinators of that event have shown interest in displaying some of your fabulous Kinetic Sculptures at their event. If you are interested after the awards ceremony, please feel free to stop by Bayview Park to enjoy their festivities as well. 

SUNDAY: On Sunday it's all about the KIDS! 11:30am - 3:30pm Papio Picnic & Kinetic Kids Day Wrap up the Kinetic weekend at Fort East Martello with music from Billy the Squid & lots of activities and booths to entertain the little ones. Admission is free, or $5.00 if you want to play games. 12:00 PM Papio Exhibit Tour at Fort East Martello

QUESTIONS: If you have any further questions between now and parade day, please don't hesitate to send any of our production crew an email or a text! We're here to help. Morgan Fraga: 305-393-9619 [email protected], Liz Love: 479-200-4689 [email protected] Marky Pierson: 305-619-2275 [email protected], Shawn Cowles: 305-923-3337 [email protected]

Team Tiger: Spring Clean: Hackworth: White, Alex Holst, Ryan Saca: Johnson: Fernandez: Wark: King:

KWAHS Golden Papio Award: $1,000.00 Best overall kinetic sculpture float that includes consideration of kinetic motion, design, creativity, recycling, costumes, theatrical appeal, and crowd appeal. 
Green Machine Award: $250.00 Best overall kinetic sculpture float with the most recycled materials and environmental message. 
Out of this Weld Award: $250.00 Best overall kinetic sculpture float with the most intricate welding design.
Pedal Pusher Award: $100.00 Best overall art bike that displays creativity, design, recycling and crowd appeal 
The Barefoot Stanley (Or Kinetic Kids) Award: $500.00 For the school whit he Kinetic Sculpture Float that WOWS the crowd and uses principles of STEAM, creativity and recycling 
Kinetic Pit Crew Award - Best Crew: For the Pit Crew that as Happy Spirits and is Super Helpful
Pilots' Choice Award: Kinetic Sculpture Float Participants vote for their favorite Kinetic Sculpture (not including their own!)
Golden Duct Tape Award: For the Kinetic Sculpture Float that couldn't quite hold it together 
Chariot of Fire Award: For the Smokin' Hot Blazing Speedy or Sleek Art Bike
Junkyard Dog Award: Best Animal Participant 
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